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    As long as I can remember, I have loved reading. Most of  the books I read when I was young had a horse on the cover. I fell in love with horses, cowboys, and the Old West while watching the westerns of the 1960s with my dad. I guess it was natural for me to become a writer of historical fiction, with a contemporary story thrown in now and then.

    For me, writing is more than penning a novel. It’s a way to tell others via an exciting story about God’s love for them and how He helps his people triumph over the challenges of life. Writing is a ministry, and I love hearing from readers about how my books have touched them and helped them in their faith walk.

    So, sit back and enjoy a Coke or cup of coffee while you peruse the pages of my website and find the book that speaks to you. I pray God’s blessing on you and yours.


Book 2 in my Land Rush Dreams series