Vickie McDonough

Call of the Prairie

Call of the Prairie
Series: The Pioneer Promises Series, Book 2
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication Year: November 2013

Vickie McDonough's writing shines in Call of the Prairie, a beautifully crafted story of courage and strength--and a reminder that even when the fulfillment of our dreams seems impossible, God has everything under control. I found myself captivated by the town of Windmill and its people and felt the call of the prairie tugging at my heart.
--Carol Cox, Author, Love in Disguise, Trouble in Store, and Truth Be Told

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About the Book

A Young Woman Dreaming of Freedom…
Sophie Davenport feels like a prisoner in her own house. All her life, her overprotective parents have taken every possible measure to keep her from anything that might exacerbate her asthma-in other words, just about everything but reading and needlework. Yet Sophie longs for adventure…and for love. She determines to prove to her parents-and herself-that she can live a normal life, but she fears she may be relegated to the lonely life of a spinster.

A Young Man Dreaming of a Family…
Josh Harper is far more bookish than his brawny brothers. he grew up helping at his family’s stagecoach stop in Kansas but now works in the small town of Windmill, where he manages his uncle’s bank and tries to keep up with his young niece and nephew, who live with him so they can attend school. Though the children are a handful and keep him busy, Josh yearns for a family of his own, but eligible females are not exactly plenteous on the prairie.

A Reality That Seems to Stand in the Way…
When Sophie’s aunt, a resident of Windmill, falls ill and requires help, Sophie volunteers. Despite his hesitation, her father finally relents and lets her go, as there is no other option. Her new role brings her into contact with the children boarding at her aunt’s home-and with the handsome uncle of two of them. Is there a larger purpose in her coming to Windmill? Or will Josh Harper reject her, if not for her asthma attacks, then for the rocky nature of their relationship?


Vickie McDonough writes yet another historical romance that winds itself around your heart and doesn’t let go. Clearly defined characters, a captivating story that moves at a good pace, and a romance that draws you in all serve to create a winning combination in her latest release, Call of the Prairie.
–Miralee Ferrell, Award-winning author of Western romance

Vickie McDonough never fails to deliver, and her heartfelt story of an asthmatic woman’s plight to escape her overprotective parents and live a normal life will delight her many fans. Sophie Davenport jumps at the chance to travel to Kansas to care for an ailing aunt but is ill-prepared for what awaits her. Though breathing can be a chore at times, Sophie faces each challenge with courage and determination. Engaging, inspiring, and filled with love and hope, Sophie’s story is one for the keeper shelf.
–Margaret Brownley
Best-selling author, Dawn Comes Early, Waiting for Morning, and Gunpowder Tea

I was particularly interested in this story because I also have asthma. Vickie’s book gave me an understanding of how hard it was for people to understand this condition in the late 1800s, as well as how little doctors knew about how to control its symptoms. I loved watching the hero and heroine move from a place where each felt constrained into the plans God had for them from the beginning. I walked right beside them through it all. The secondary characters were also well-developed. As always, Vickie McDonough carries her readers to a place they haven’t been and reveals the setting to them like a painter layering colors to complete a masterpiece.
–Lena Nelson Dooley, Award-winning author, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, and her highly acclaimed McKenna’s Daughters series

Call of the Prairie pulled me in from the first pages. Readers will cheer for Sophie Davenport, a sheltered city girl, as she struggles to triumph over the challenges of prairie life.
–Ann Shorey, Author, the Sisters at Heart series

With her signature vivid descriptions that bring the prairie to life and a cast of engaging characters, Vickie McDonough gives readers a story that will linger in their hearts. More than a delightful historical romance, Call of the Prairie is also a story of duty and determination, of misunderstandings and mystery, of life and love. Don’t miss it.
–Amanda Cabot, CBA best-selling author

Josh Harper may be the shortest and least physical of the Harper brothers, but he stands tall and strong as the hero in Call of the Prairie. I love books about romance and strong family relationships, and Vickie McDonough scores big on both counts with this Prairie Promises series. I’m already looking forward to book three.
–Dorothy Clark, Author, Falling for the Teacher

Call of the Prairie is the perfect follow-up to Whispers on the Prairie. This second installment in the Pioneer Promises series does not fail to inspire. Enthralling characters and another page-turning plot had me staying up well past my bedtime! Three cheers for Vickie McDonough!
–Sharlene MacLaren, Award-winning author

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