Vickie McDonough

End of the Trail

End of the Trail
Series: The Texas Trails Series, Book 6

2013 Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Best Fiction Book winner

He enters a poker game and wins a new life.
She loses the only home she has ever known.
Two hostile adversaries are forced to work together.

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About the Book

End of the Trail 2013 Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Best Fiction Book winner

The final book in the Texas Trails series, End of the Trail is a complete story. Brooks Morgan left home 11 years earlier and is just too stubborn to return home. In 1896 he pulls into the town of Shoofly to take refuge from a storm and befriends John Langston in the local cafe. A high stakes poker game ends with Brooks holding the deed to John’s ranch with one condition – Brooks must promise to take care of Keri. Brooks agrees, assuming that Keri is a horse. Overcome by guilt, Brooks return to the cafe to give back the deed but finds John on the floor dead. Brooks heads off to take care of John’s ranch and is ambushed. With a noose around his neck, hands tied behind his back he offers a prayer up to God. A stunning shot is delivered from the rifle of a lady on horseback that breaks the noose and frees Brooks. But could this lady – Keri – be an enemy, too?


“What a truly wonderful book! Brooks Morgan is the ultimate slightly-flawed hero with a cocky grin that’s bound to make any female reader fall in love. After a decade of drifting and learning life’s lessons the hard way, Brooks wins a ranch in a poker game. Trouble is, feisty Keri Langston thinks Raven Creek Ranch belongs to her. If she’d known Brooks Morgan held the deed to her property, she might have left him hanging on the end of the rope she found him on, instead of shooting him free and saving his sorry life.But she didn’t know. She did shoot him free. And now he’s a way-too-happy, far-too-handsome thorn in her side.The End of the Trail is a hilarious, heart-rending, soul-searching rollercoaster ride. I loved it, and didn’t want the ride to end. But then, I always love McDonough’s work. This author presents stellar writing; wonderful, unexpected humorous moments; touching, heart-wrenching situations that make it hard to know who to root for; and consistently riveting storylines.I dare you to read this book and not smile! Thing is, you will smile…and get a little weepy…and gasp in surprise a few times, as well. End of the Trail really is that good.” — Review by Vickie McDonough

“Because the Morgan Family Series has several authors, there is a great deal of difference in the quality of the various reads even though characters remain consistent. In End of the Trail writer Vickie McDonough does a better than average job of producing a work that is readable, entertaining, and consistent with the feel of the series as a whole. Her research is woven naturally into the plot and character details without the excessive insertion of archaic terms or extraneous facts that seem to plague other historical novels.

I would recommend End of the Trail to anyone looking for a light summer read. It’s a good book to take on vacation or trip to the beach and has the rare quality of incorporating Christian culture and views without giving the impression they were tacked on to please the publisher.” — Review by Elizabeth Baker,

“Vickie McDonough is a favorite local author (I have lots of favorite authors), and her humor shines through in spite of some serious subjects. I doubt that anyone will be surprised when the boy finally gets the girl. If you like historical novels, especially set in West Texas, or are already a fan of Vickie McDonough, you should enjoy this book.” — Review by Cathy Bickerstaff, Tulsa Beacon, 8/1/12

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