Vickie McDonough

The Anonymous Bride

The Anonymous Bride
Series: The Texas Boardinghouse Brides, Book 1
Publication Year: September 2018

Marshal Luke Davis has three mail-order brides competing to win his hand. Is any one of them right for him? Boardinghouse owner Rachel Hamilton doesn’t have the courage to tell Luke she loves him. Can she swallow her pride and help him choose his mate? Will Luke discover true love through a contest of the heart?

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Luke Davis tells his cousins he d get married if the right woman ever came along, never imagining the mayhem such a remark would make. For a month later, three mail-order brides arrive, courtesy of his well-meaning, scheming friends. How will he decide which one s right for him? Widowed boardinghouse owner Rachel Hamilton loves Luke but never worked up the courage to tell him. Now that three brides have shown up, vying for his hand, Rachel is totally unnerved. What will she do if Luke marries someone else? Will he ever realize that sometimes love is right in front of you?

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